Offers and Government Schemes 

Home Owners

There is no better time to find your perfect Pembroke Homes property with Help to Buy and the recent changes to Stamp Duty.

You too can now live in the best locations and get the highest quality of home that’s right for you with just a 5 per cent deposit.......

There are two schemes, Help to Buy Equity Loan, and Help to Buy Mortgage Guarantee

Help to Buy Equity Loan


Help to Buy Equity Loans are available on new build homes up to £600,000 in England. Buyers secure up to a 75 per cent mortgage from their Bank or building Society with the Government providing an equity loan up to 20 per cent of the property value, which can be repaid at any time during the loan term or on the sale of the home. There are no loan fees on the equity loan for the first five years of owning your home. 

Help to Buy Mortgage Guarantee


You can now get a Help to Buy Mortgage Guarantee on new build homes and older homes of up to £600,000. You’ll need to secure up to a 95 per cent mortgage from a participating lender.


The lender is able to offer this higher loan to value mortgage as the Government provides them with a guarantee of up to 15 per cent of the property value

With the range of highly competitive mortgages now available, it is possible for everyone to find a loan that suits their budget*

(*subject to the usual credit checks; It is recommended that you seek the advice of

an Independent Financial Advisor)

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